Reese’s Pieces

#35 – A Midnight Snack 1

Geeeeez, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since the last e-mail. It’s been 2 months since Spring Break in the Guadalupe Mountains It’s been a whole month since the triathlon. By the way, that whole weekend was simply fantastic… camping at Pedernales Falls, unexpected friends showing up to race, […]

#31 – Holy Violence

First of all I want to say the obvious: The Pieces are back (and hopefully with some more consistency than last semester… I looked back and I realized the last one I wrote was in the middle of September). So instead of trying to update you guys on what has […]


It seems like six weeks has passed since the last e-mail. Things are going very well here, and it seems odd that we’re hitting the halfway point of the semester this week. To update you, I had the chance to catch an Astros’ game two weeks ago with Sulli. With […]


I have so much to share with you guys. To start, I must live the most crazy, blessed life in the world and here is just some more proof from two weekends ago (September 9-11). It all started halftime of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie football game when I did what […]


I’m back at A&M and I am so glad to be back. As much fun as I had returning to old friendships that were put on hold, I was beginning to miss the new friendships that summer interrupted. I must admit it is odd seeing people younger me walking around. […]


Greetings from Kanakuk! Yes, I’m in Branson, Missouri for another week,then back to Dallas for the weekend.  After that, College Station for Impact, and school starts.  Life here at camp is wonderful.  Where else can you watch kids grow in stature, wisdom, favor with God and man in such a […]