Caught Red Handed 1

That is Joe’s hand on fire. NOTE: Never light a hand on fire dowsed in 91% rubbing alcohol. It burns too hot to handle. Even with the catastrophe (or maybe because of it), James, Will, Joe, and I enjoyed a great pre-Easter meal. It was so good that we haven’t […]

Recap of last weekend

This past weekend was hands down the most fun weekend of the semester. Spring Break was wonderful, but that’s in a separate league. So what made this weekend so special? Well, anytime you take a camping trip with Brittany, Joy, Brain, and add 7 other cool people. Add competing in […]

Family Visit 3

Yesterday my parents came into town to see the 1st Lady and to meet the housemates.  It’s the first time in about two years that my mom has been down.  They couldn’t have picked a better day, too.  Ohhh, if they came 24 hours earlier!!!  We had missing furniture (3 […]

Awkward Silence

I’ll have to admit these new iPods are really quite nifty. If I didn’t have this stubbornness about refusing doing the same thing everyone else does and didn’t own Dell’s knockoff iPod, then I’d be trying to buy one, too. But with the increasing availability of music, there is certainly […]