Grocery Shopping 3

The main grocery store is a mile from my apartment (see map). Like most things in Norway, it’s not open Sundays; therefore meal planning is critical. This particular Saturday, I created a large grocery list and had an interesting adventure.

Arriving in Oslo 3

I can still remember my line manager asking me to consider joining the DNV Trainee program. What a dream! To live in a country filled with fjords, mountains, and adventures waiting to be had. I just have to wait out the snow. In the meantime, I keep repeating “8 month is a long time!” And I’m glad!

Forge Football 2009

Over the last four months, I was co-coaching an 8-10 year-old tackle football team through the Forge for Families. It was a season mixed with struggle and success, but at the end of the season it all came down to one game, “The Super Bowl”.

Gila Wilderness 1

It was only a matter of time before I raced back out the mountains. This time, Jeremy North joined me for a week in the Gila Wilderness in Southwest New Mexico. We met in College Station immediately after Nathan & Laura’s wedding, departing early Sunday and returning Friday afternoon.

Boundary Waters

Summer came and went, but not before one trip for the ages. Nathan and I traveled up to the Boundary Waters to canoe for a week before our last semester in college. Our trip by the numbers: 6 days, 56 miles, 27 different lakes, 38 portages, 4 miles of portaging, […]

Hiking the North Shore 1

In July 2007, five other interns joined me on a great adventure to Minnesota’s North Shore to embark on a 16 mile backpacking trip. For having little to no experience, our group did extremely well. In fact, the trip went so well that I no longer consider us as interns but friends.

Northern Adventures, Week 3

Dinner with Heather and James This weekend marks the end of the third week in Minnesota, and as great as these last 21 days has been, the last couple have been extra delightful.  Friday, I shared dinner with James and Heather Rahbany-to-be.  Has James ever told you the story of […]

A Lone Star in a Land of 10,000 Lakes 1

Two weeks of work are in the books, and I have a paycheck for services rendered.  So, I feel it’s time to give you, my readership of 3, an explanation as to what in name of Sam Houston a Texan is doing in Minnesota. Andersen Windows & Doors (AW) hired […]

Driving to Minnesota 1

Well, I’ve finally arrived in Minnesota.  After 1000 miles and 1.5 days of driving, my dad and I made it to the Stillwater – my new home for the next 12 weeks while I intern with Andersen Windows.  I’m still not quite a 100% sure what I’ll be doing, but […]

#36 – On forgetfulness

Oh my, I hope you didn’t think I forgot about you or sending out these silly emails. Truthfully, I have tried to write, but I it was as if I forget how to write. Please forgive the tardiness of the email… most of this email is now 5 months old. […]