A piece of mind

The Office Space principal 1

It hits every semester like a brick wall. Apathy. Apathy for all things academic. Usually it takes a round of tests to do this. But this semester is different. Even though I have no desire to do any schoolwork already, it has become easier to will myself to work. Why? […]

Awkward Silence

I’ll have to admit these new iPods are really quite nifty. If I didn’t have this stubbornness about refusing doing the same thing everyone else does and didn’t own Dell’s knockoff iPod, then I’d be trying to buy one, too. But with the increasing availability of music, there is certainly […]

Have Mercy!

One of the hardest parts of Jesus’ life for me to grasp is His perfect, endless, tender mercy for all people. In the Gospel of Matthew, this theme of mercy is very prevalent. Two times Jesus quotes Hosea 6:6, For I desire mercy and not sacrifice, And the knowledge of […]