Email Updates sent from China

July 26

I know, I know… I just e-mailed you, but we’ve now arrived in our new city and I wanted to fill you in. Lots has happened and I’m going to try to keep it condensed. We use an Internet cafe and it is has a great connection so we should […]

July 18

Well, basically everyone is gone at our campus and we’ve said all of our goodbyes. All that is left are a two part exam, a final dinner with our team and missionary family, and another goodbye dinner with our teacher, Chong, and his family. We leave this Thursday for another […]

July 7

Hey friends… Things are winding down on campus. The students are finishing their exams this week. Sadly some of them will be leaving this weekend. We can’t imagine that we only have a week left with the students. We stay on the campus until July 21 and thankfully a few […]

June 13

Hello again from the East. We have had three girls come to know God and that is very exciting! I will let you know when they get baptized. Moments like this make all the other difficulties worthwhile, with the major difficulty being myself. It’s a leaning on God’s patience and […]

June 6

Nimen hao! (Hi all or Howdy ya’ll depend which country you’re from) We just finished up Chinese class today and we got our textbooks. Very exciting to learn that in Chinese the pronouns are very simple and they only have one verb tense. I also learned the word ma has […]