Cycling Rallarvegen

Nearly a year later, I think it’s about time to start chronicling the adventures from Norway. I know, it’s a little late, but there were so many good times that I’d like to remember. The first (and easiest to post) is a video Gunnar made during our 2 day cycling trip along Rallarvegen.

Click to watch the video (I can’t seem to embed into WordPress)

Rallarvegen is an old service road built for the construction of the rail line built from Flåm to Myrdal and has been converted into a biking trail. Converted should be used loosely given the number of large rocks waiting to throw a biker, but this is Norway. I took an early morning train from Oslo to Haugastol and nearly had a wipe out when my tires found the tram tracks. Once there, the rest of the crew gathered and we started off on the 80 ride to Flåm. Just after lunch, we made it to Finse, which is Norway’s highest railway station at 1222 metres above sea level.

After Finse, we ran into a group of marathon runners, but this wasn’t a normal marathon. They started at sea level in Flam and ran out of the valley with nearly nearly a full mile in elevation gain. After a good dinner near a small lake, it started to rain, and we looked for a camping spot. One group found a cave, while I pitched a tarp against two bikes for shelter.

We were startled in the middle of the night when a fox started stealing food from inside the tarp. I was using the food bag as part of my pillow and that stupid fox still managed to take it. Thankfully, it wasn’t able to eat through the food bag, but it did puncture my apple.

The second day was absolutely incredible. According to,

The final 20 km goes through Flåmsdalen, a valley famous for its beauty and Northern Europe’s most exciting railway journey. The line falls 865 m over the course of the valley. The upper section has 21 sharp curves, and at this part it is wise to get off your cycle and walk!

It was so beautiful, we rarely stopped to take pictures. Those 20 km were simply spectacular. I’ve never had more fun on a bicycle.

Also, Amber wrote a very good entry with lots of great pictures about the trip here and here. It’s certainly worth clicking over to see.