Northern Adventures, Week 3

Dinner with Heather and James

This weekend marks the end of the third week in Minnesota, and as great as these last 21 days has been, the last couple have been extra delightful.  Friday, I shared dinner with James and Heather Rahbany-to-be.  Has James ever told you the story of his family’s name? 

While somewhere in the middle of the conversation, our waitress asked us if we were ready to order, and we bashfully said that we hadn’t even looked at the menu.  She cheerfully replied, “Y’all must be from Texas.”  Stunned, we asked how she knew.  Apparently, Midwesterns are more hurried than we Southerners.  Our waitress, Robin, proceed to tell us that she had migrated to Minnesota, but still called Texas her home.  Soon we realized that Robin and I had actually attended the same high school.  Small world.  To follow dinner we watched Ocean’s 13… and I really liked it.  Yes, I had a good time at the movies, even after paying $8.75 for a ticket.

The Chain of Lakes

Kristin, Danesh, and Matt

This was the highlight of the weekend.  Most of the out-of-state interns headed for the Chain of Lakes for a day in the sun.  Armed with frisbees, softballs, and beach towels, we raided Lake Calhoun.  Once the beach was secure, we took to the high waters in canoes to explore the other islands.  But before we made it 5 feet from shore, Chumma and I capsized.  Let’s just say you should avoid pointing a canoe perpendicular to large waves.

Paddling toward a bridge still used by trains

After righting our canoe, we explored as much of the lakes as our rental would allow.  Our trip looked like this:

For dinner we shared  six family-size portions of novelties like mahi-mahi with some green sauce and a pulled pork tostada at a hip Uptown restaurant, and ate .  To cap off the night, we played Hmm –  a game Heather made up (I think) similar to Catch Phrase.  I haven’t laughed as hard all summer as I did that night.

Today a few of us went to Bethlehem Baptist to hear Pastor John preach about marriage and raising godly children.  Like I said, it was a wonderful weekend that reminds me of so many equally memorable ones I’ve shared with y’all over the last four years.