A Lone Star in a Land of 10,000 Lakes 1

Two weeks of work are in the books, and I have a paycheck for services rendered.  So, I feel it’s time to give you, my readership of 3, an explanation as to what in name of Sam Houston a Texan is doing in Minnesota.

Andersen Windows & Doors (AW) hired me to work in their Logistics group to buy my supervisors’ lunches and donate my paycheck to those who presence I have the privilege of working in.  Or so I’m told.  In all actuality, my job for the next month is to put things in boxes!  Let me elaborate. 

All finished products from AW’s three manufacturing sites come to Menomonie, WI to be either cross-docked or placed in inventory.  Eventually they are loaded on outbound trucks headed to regional distribution centers or directly major distributors like Home Depot.  When a truck reaches a distribution center, it takes a long time to unload, and people are hypothesizing it has to do with the unloading of accessories like door handles (really any metal part).  Currently, these accessories are scattered throughout the truck to help fill up the truck.  My bosses think there might cost savings if we put the door handles and window trim in a separate container.  Like I said, I’m just putting things in boxes.

Honestly, I’ve had a great time working here in Stillwater;well, when I’m in Stillwater.  I’ve been to Wisconsin twice, two visits to the main production facility, and a field trip to a distribution center in Minneapolis.

As for the other 31 interns, I think they are all having a great time.  18 of us live in four different townhomes in the same retirement community.  Last weekend our elderly neighbor walked through our garage thinking that it was his house, despite the fact that he and his wife share one compact car, not the truck and SUV he walked past.   We’re a grab bag of Big 10 schools with a couple rebellious Big 12-ers.  The Midwest is the major contributor with a few from New England and we have three other foreigners from California, Florida, and Georgia.

If the job and the people aren’t enough justification for spending the summer in Minnesota, then the gorgeous weather and geography will surely win you over.  But to do that requires a visit to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  So until then, you’ll just have to keep taking my word.

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  • Iggy


    Very nice pictures of Lake Superior. Was just wondering where you go to see the sunrise on Lake Superior? Is it in Duluth or near Wisconsin?


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