The Last Frontier #4


Has it been a week already? Will Wednesday conclude the end of the first month in Alaska? Whoa. Time needs to calm itself down. And so does this weather! We’ve had 4 days or rain a week since I’ve been here. Thankfully, the rain didn’t cancel one of my friend’s baseball games or the youth raft trip. But the heavens opened wide for the workday in Seward, and the night moose played in our backyard.

The Short

* The youth pastor is out of the office this week. Chaos will ensue.
* VBS is over, but the songs still haven’t left my head
* I’ve nearly complete the youth website ( Keep in mind, it’s not my job to add the content
* Upcoming youth events
1. Guys night
2. Canoe trip (2 day canoe trip down the Swanson river)
3. Several of our kids will be in Fairbanks for T3 Leadership training

Alaska Facts – Fishermen in Basket

Thanks to VBS, I have learned some dogsledding terms:

* Mush – Go
* Whoa – Stop (very clever)
* Gee – turn right
* Haw – turn left
* Come gee (haw) – 180-degree turn right (left)
* Double Lead- Two dogs who lead the team side-by-side
* Dog in basket – A tired or injured dog

Also, Alaskans count some of the craziest things. Remember moose kills? Well, they also count how many fishhooks land a fisherman in the hospital. Silly Alaskans. Stupid tourists.

We had 170 kids registered this year, filling a church with only 250-300 members. 27 children made a decision to follow Christ this week. I’m still not sure how to interpret that number, but either way, God is good. I didn’t get to take any pictures because I usually had a kid in each hand. I’m going to miss the kids, but I’m glad that I can return to a normal diet instead of last week’s binge on gummy bears, cookies, and goldfish.