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It’s another Monday afternoon (morning for me) inbox-surprise to make Monday brighter…. well, at least I hope. If not, may these Halibut Fishing pictures will brighten your day. Make sure and read this week’s Alaska facts. I’m sure it will make you want to move up north forever.

The Short:

  • The pastor is back (he’s an Aggie so devout that he painted his office maroon and can be found regularly wear his A&M cap)
  • I’m even more at home because the pastor is back… it’s that Aggie bond
  • VBS begins this week
  • Rafting trip Sunday
  • I’m changing houses
  • The Mavs must beat the Heat or the youth group will continue to taunt me

The Long
Alaska FactsHow does the moose cross the road?

Two days ago a car hit a moose and died, making the local front page. But this is not uncommon. In fact, every year, around 275 moose die every year from motor vehicle accidents along Highway 1 from Soldotna to Homer (~75 miles). If you are the ‘lucky’ moose killer, then you have earned the right to have your name placed on the Moose Kill list. When you name comes to the top of the list, then the next moose killed by a car is rightfully yours to collect. Fear not, the frigid winter night temperatures, when most moose accidents occur, keeps the meat frozen. As bad as car-to-moose accidents seem, they have nothing on the train-to-moose variety. From Fairbanks to Tallkeetna, a single train can wipe out 20 moose. Since the train just keeps rolling on, the moose lay track-side frozen, waiting for the special Moose Auction. Prior to the auction, a special train rolls through picking up the carcasses before arriving to a crowd of anxious people, who entered a raffle to win moose parts. Disturbing, I know, but what is crazy is that they need a raffle because they don’t have enough moose.

The answer to last week’s question.

Alaska’s 4 seasons are: almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction. For the less clever, we’re in construction season right now.

Vacation Bible School
VBS begins today, and hopefully over 170 kids will listen to Bible stories, do arts and crafts, sing songs, and a lot of other things I that gave me nightmares as a child. My job is to help wherever help is needed. A little vague, but I’m ok with that. The last job, the milk cartoon igloo, failed miserably. I tried 3 different ‘glues’, and none of them worked. Now I think most people know NOT to give the the craft projects because I’m an engineer, instead of the opposite.

Halibut Fishing
Let me warm you, Halibut fishing is a full body work out. The upper-body work out is phenomenal. Just imagine, you throw a 3 lb weight down 130 feet to the ocean floor and within seconds you have anywhere from 20-60 lbs of angry fish to reel back to the surface. The legs and quads begin to burn as your press a foot against the side of the boat to keep balanced, preventing a man overboard situation. The back… ok, that fish isn’t coming up unless you put your back into. Finally, your eyes work on staying in socket when the fish does appear for several reasons, but hopefully because the fish is so ridiculously large that you mind can’t fathom eating it all.

Finally, my apologies for writing such a morbid e-mail with the moose carcasses and bloodied halibut. But c’mon I’m in Alaska, and I’m just painting the picture I see.


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