#35 – A Midnight Snack 1

Geeeeez, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since the last e-mail. It’s been 2 months since Spring Break in the Guadalupe Mountains It’s been a whole month since the triathlon. By the way, that whole weekend was simply fantastic… camping at Pedernales Falls, unexpected friends showing up to race, and others to cheer us on the last 100 yards… what could be better? How about my dad deciding to sign up a week before the race! He not only finished, but showed once again why he’s my hero, finishing in 1 hour 48 minutes. Not bad at all. Three weeks ago, I went up to Waco with Ryan and Carol for a poverty simulation put on by Mission Waco. But my favorite moment was Joe lighting his hand on fire the day before Easter. Keep in mind, this was a voluntary decision. For those of you who tried guessing which state I’d be spending the summer in, the correct (and only) answer is Alaska. Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be in and around the Anchorage area until May 8th. If any of y’all want to get e-mail updates, let me know. Otherwise, you can stay updated via thetinymite.com. When I return, I’ll have less than a week before beginning a co-op with UPS in north Houston. Hey, I’m doing what I can to prolong that graduation. Plus, all the cool kids in engineering are graduating December ’07 (minus all you Biomedical engineers).

The following story occurred while hiking in Arkansas on the second and final night.

Around midnight I woke up for the third time. Maybe it was the cold air, maybe the hard ground, or maybe it was the strange noises coming from 5 feet away. I’m guessing the latter, but honestly who knows. Either way, the animal sounds got most of my attention as I reached for my headlamp. As I ‘let there be light’, a raccoon appeared. A snarling contest ensued, which I thought I had won until I noticed the raccoon had already stolen my shoe before I awoke!! Thankfully the taste of Chaco isn’t very appetizing, as my annoying friend deposited the sandal 10 feet away from my bed. But ohhhhh the one-legged jig I danced to go those 10 feet must have been hilarious. The raccoon certainly loved it because it came back for an encore an hour later. This time it woke me by trying to steal my backpack/pillow, but I had a song for him to sing. Unfortunately, the bashful raccoon came down with stage fright when I put my spotlight on him, leaving me with nothing to do but sleep. Well, that was until he started the whole game again and again. Point of the story: None. Sorry if you were looking for something more. To appease you, I leave you with this adage: Don’t take yourself so seriously that you can’t laugh at yourself, especially when a flirty raccoon interrupts your sleep.

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