Monthly Archives: May 2006

#35 – A Midnight Snack 1

Geeeeez, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since the last e-mail. It’s been 2 months since Spring Break in the Guadalupe Mountains It’s been a whole month since the triathlon. By the way, that whole weekend was simply fantastic… camping at Pedernales Falls, unexpected friends showing up to race, […]

Never Hike Alone

Mistake #1. Hiking Alone. Mistakes 2-10: Going alone, forgetting a sleeping bag, forgetting food, forgetting something for blisters, not looking at the map until lost, not wearing any bug repellent, hiking in thorns, swimming with spiders, sleeping with raccoons, and oh yes going alone.

Shadows prove the Light 1

A couple weekends ago I was in Waco with a couple Aggies for a poverty simulation hosted by Mission Waco. Having no first hand experience with poverty, I was eager to see life through another pair of eyes. A weekend is not enough time to fully understand, but I did […]