Recap of last weekend

This past weekend was hands down the most fun weekend of the semester. Spring Break was wonderful, but that’s in a separate league. So what made this weekend so special? Well, anytime you take a camping trip with Brittany, Joy, Brain, and add 7 other cool people. Add competing in a triathlon with your dad and some other friends from A&M, and I’d say that’s equals one mighty fine weekend.

So many details, but I know of y’all hate reading so here are the highlights:

Drove to REI in Austin
Bought a tarp to experiment as an alternate to using a tent
Car broke down on Hwy 1 (Mopack) right next to NTB (truly a blessing from God)
I stay with my broken Explorer while Brittnay, Houston, and Caleb load into other cars
Eventually arrive to Pedernales Falls, surprised to see the Ranger Station open
Hike 2 miles into camp under moonlight (so wonderful)


Woke up early, Explored, Pancakes, Explored the Falls, Drove to Austin, met Mom and Dad, checked bikes for Sunday’s triathlon, ate at the Olive Garden, slept like a rock


Woke up, too nervous to even eat, drove to triathlon, waited, waited, waited, waited, HORN, inhaled water, biked, and ran, saw a 100 million Aggies cheering for me (such a delightful surprise), saw my dad be a hero and finish 12 minutes faster than he ever imagined (this after only 2 WEEKS of training), drove home, ate with Scott, and got ready for Linear Programming test on Tuesday.

For those who like to read, I intend to write out the full adventures later.