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For those of you who live close to Austin and have never visited Pedernales Falls… shame on you! You need to call Brittany Seay and ask her to plan your trip, immediately. Yes, Brittany did an excellent job arranging our trip, and she has now completely erased my idea that only guys should plan camping trips. We had 11 people, most of who did not know each other, piled into 4 cars at 3 different times to drive 2 different ways to 1 location. To complicate it, my car’s right caliper locked, causing a nasty swerve as we left the REI in Austin (c’mon, how can you not take a stop there!?). Praise God there was an NTB right off the side of the highway! No, honestly, praise God. He answered our request for a safe travel (and He really did make the ‘hiccups’ a stinkin’ blast). It’s weird to say this, but it was kinda nice having the car breakdown at that exact moment. The caliper was going to go out at some point, and I’m glad it chose the time that I had a Linear Programming sample test to work on while I waited. Once, I got back on the road (minus 3 passengers and a lot of gear), I arrived at Pedernales falls about 9pm. This allowed for a good hour stroll to camp under a 3/4 full moon. It was a nice walk.

The next morning, I woke up early so I could explore the river, nestled below the bluffs we slept atop. After an hour or so, I returned to find 10 sleeping beauties and no sign of breakfast. Not quite the same group as we had on Spring Break. Both very fun, both very different. But breakfast was made, and it was mighty fine indeed… pancakes and bacon! Mmmm. We later adventured out to the main attraction of the park… PEDERNALES FALLS. Along the way, I walked and talked with Joy. Those conversations are always some of my very favorite. Once at the falls, we had a blast exploring and pretending like we weren’t getting in the water (a $500 fine). The best moment was crawling through this hole notched into the side of the bluff. Sadly, the good times had to end, and I had to drive on to Austin to get ready for the triathlon. But within 6 hours of being home, I’ve already seen 2 of my new friends up in the BMEN/IE lab in Zachry. Go figure.

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