Family Visit 3

Yesterday my parents came into town to see the 1st Lady and to meet the housemates.  It’s the first time in about two years that my mom has been down.  They couldn’t have picked a better day, too.  Ohhh, if they came 24 hours earlier!!!  We had missing furniture (3 couches, 1 futon, and a chair), an unsanitary bathroom, a porch covered in camping gear, and a floor so dirty you couldn’t even apply the 3 second rule because it was impossible to find what you dropped in all the filth.

The best part was that in 6 hours they met everyone but Travis.  Amazing.  Usually I go 6 days and only see Travis and Cal.  We even saw Joe at the baseball game, which the Ags won 5-1 against Tech. Whoop!  But they are gone as soon as they arrived.  They’re off to visit Uncle Bill in Coldspring.  Still, it’s just nice to have my family meet my home away from home.

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    Aww Reese, you had 3 consecutive days of posting going…then you blew it. It’s o.k. though. Valient effort. I like the new color/style. And the banner is pretty sweetness as well. Tata.

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    Hey Kevin, how’d you log in as an administrator?? That’s crazy!! I must have logged in at your house to show you what it looks like and forgot logged out. Can ya log out for me? Thanks.


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