Guadalupe Mountains

Kevin, Doug, James, and I left today for the Guadalupe Mountains, about 2 hours east of El Paso. We drove for about 11.5 hours including an hour long dinner at Wendy’s in Van Horn. The car ride was wonderful, especially from I-10 onward. I thought it would be boring, flat, and dull, but it was far from. We saw plenty of hills and the scenery was wonderful. I got to drive the last 5-6 hours, and I think I-10 is my new favorite highway, surpassing I-20 east of Louisiana. We all get along so well. It amazes me how little conflict we have. On of my favorite moments was when we played the Hootie CD. What a great roadtrip CD. Last night we arrived around 8:30PM to a howling wind and a nearly full Pine Spring campground. Setting up camp was very difficult in the win, and once we were setup, the winds kept our tent flapping all night long. My patience began to run tin when we were taking so long to begin setting up camp. All I could think about was a nice warm sleeping bag. My stubbornness and impatience resulted in a two hours of restlessness before I could finally fall asleep. Side note: I made a calculator program for computing ETA & average speed. Very cool.