The Office Space principal 1

It hits every semester like a brick wall. Apathy. Apathy for all things academic. Usually it takes a round of tests to do this. But this semester is different. Even though I have no desire to do any schoolwork already, it has become easier to will myself to work. Why? Because I am convinced that it matters in the long run… that someday I’ll actually use this information. How I remember the days of Physics 208, Thermo, wait EVERY SINGLE class with an ENGR label!! Goodness, looking back I don’t understand what the point of any one of those classes was… We industrial engineers are imaginary engineer, not real ones!!

Anyway, it’s little surprise that this points to a larger principal. Let’s call it the Office Space principal. Work must have perceived value; otherwise, people generally can’t do it without going insane over a stapler or plotting to slowly steal millions of Innitech’s fortune. It’s part of the design. Work is good, very good, but if it has no value, just work for work’s sake, it’s simply inhumane. But let’s face it… there’s awful, boring, tedious, deskwork to be done. Someone has to do it… and it’s that kind of work I loathe. Is it because I lack the humility or because work must have a perceived value? Both. Still, I don’t want to really live in a 40+ hour a week world where I don’t think that my work has some valuable. Thankfully, I have the option, which is why these spells of laziness and apathy are easy to cure.

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  • K-Rut

    Reese! You dog. You got a new lil’ Word Press dealamajig. I looked into this a couple weeks ago but was overwhelmed by it all (now I have you!). It looks splendid, and now I’m able to leave comments. Superb! Lata.

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