The Most Delicious War Ever

Last weekend was all about war. Yes, I was back in Dallas helping the home church with a Disciple Now, obviously. You know you’re in for a crazy weekend when Luke Cagle is making a seventh trip to his car after already bringing into the house a sledge hammer, golf clubs, an AK-47 air soft gun, and a ‘Jesus is My Homeboy’ trucker hat, and this is not even the most bizarre item of the night (that belongs to Cameron and Matt’s pet goldfishes named Optimus Prime and Cheator). By the time my much appreciated partner Ross Taylor and I learned everyone’s named, our ten junior guys decided bananas were best used as a projectile with cars for a target. It was only a Cold War, until one driver did not take too kindly to his car being assaulted with fruit. So he proceeded to charge the house, attempting to break the door down. Thankfully he only succeeded in breaking a window. Where was my take-no-prisoners leadership during all this? Looking for Risk, the ultimate war game! Are you getting the idea that it was a weekend of war, yet?

Saturday morning, I taught how the Roman legions fought, relating it to Colossians 2:6-7 where it talks about walking with Christ and being rooted in Him. Even the AK-47 was a prop! Later these men began a silent war against the other junior ladies, but the most vicious war had yet to be declared.

That battle came during the early afternoon in the park behind the house. The weapon of choice was again fruit. This time the golf clubs came out, and all I can say is that fruit looks pretty good off a 3 Wood. Later the war changed to golf balls and baseball bats. Do not be on the receiving end of this game! I think we split a golf ball against a tree because it was moving at such a high velocity. The only reason I’m unsure is because it’s practically impossible to see a golf ball once an aluminum bat has made contact with it. Of course our weekend would not be complete if we did not end with a good war movie… Ok, Star Wars III isn’t exactly a great war movie, but it worked at pacifying our group into a deep sleep.

Ya know what my final thought is after the weekend? What a great group of guys! I wish I could spend more time with them.