Monthly Archives: February 2006

How to Not Kill Sin

from John Owen’s The Mortification of Sin, Chapter 3. Not the greatest passage from the book… hopefully there will be better quotes from Owen later. “Men are galled with the sin that hath prevailed over them; they instantly promise to themselves and to God that they will do so no […]

The Office Space principal 1

It hits every semester like a brick wall. Apathy. Apathy for all things academic. Usually it takes a round of tests to do this. But this semester is different. Even though I have no desire to do any schoolwork already, it has become easier to will myself to work. Why? […]

The Most Delicious War Ever

Last weekend was all about war. Yes, I was back in Dallas helping the home church with a Disciple Now, obviously. You know you’re in for a crazy weekend when Luke Cagle is making a seventh trip to his car after already bringing into the house a sledge hammer, golf […]