Awkward Silence

I’ll have to admit these new iPods are really quite nifty. If I didn’t have this stubbornness about refusing doing the same thing everyone else does and didn’t own Dell’s knockoff iPod, then I’d be trying to buy one, too. But with the increasing availability of music, there is certainly a tragic loss of silence. I hear the question now, “What’s the point? Silence is awkward”. Well, to the American, maybe. Ask a Chinese a serious question, and he would stop to think about it, resulting in a long conversation-less pause. It’s difficult enough to talk to say hi to a friend you see walking on campus when he’s deaf to your existence because of an MP3 player. Perhaps, I’m only a bitter old man… most likely, but the problem, to me, is much larger than a mere downgrade in conversation.

Gone are the days when we spend time in quiet reflection. Gone are the days when we stop, and ask ourselves what we’re doing, where we’re going, and how to get there. How do you know yourself if there’s never periods of extended silence? And what of knowing God?

I guess this brings me to the main point: I LOVE our front porch. Even when the weather is not so pleasant, it’s shaded from the elements. Quite nice during this past week of rain and even more so when summer approaches. In general, it is so peaceful. Even with the occasional car motoring down the street, it is not comparable to the noise of the fans, refrigerator, and CPUs buzzing. It’s in silent moments like these that peace has a way of creeping in. It’s a small whispering voice of peace that I would not trade for any new Top 10 single, even if it’s newest acoustic worship smash mega-hit.

But maybe I’m just bitter for not owning an iPod…