Monthly Archives: January 2006

Awkward Silence

I’ll have to admit these new iPods are really quite nifty. If I didn’t have this stubbornness about refusing doing the same thing everyone else does and didn’t own Dell’s knockoff iPod, then I’d be trying to buy one, too. But with the increasing availability of music, there is certainly […]

Today was MONDAY?!

Are Mondays allowed to be this good? The rest of the days of this week must tremble with the standard set by this Monday. Aside from seeing some long lost friends and having an extremly cooperative TA for Ethics, we had 16 new freshmen show up tonight to Journey!! That […]

So it begins

Most of today was motionless… very odd considering classes began today. It’s what happens when you spend 4.5 hours in the same classroom. Horrible. 3 back-to-back classes in one classroom!?! I was dying to leave at 2pm. I guess with all that sitting still it is no wonder I took […]

A fresh start

I know this has been an erradic and infrequent place of postings. In all honesty, I really haven’t finished the site at all. Like the sidebar on the left… not nearly done. Like the whole “Great Thinkers”… that just needs to be redone completely. Still, I hope that this will […]