Friday July 29, 2005

Only four days left in Fuxin. I really am glad to be heading home, not because I hate it here, but because I miss home so much. I miss my friends and family. It’s been difficult putting life on hold like this. As I have been looking back on this summer I began to think that it was all a waste. I wish I had shared more, invested more time into the students, etc. As I was waking around town, I thought about all God had taught me because I have no idea how He used me. The most important thing God showed me was that I should spend the rest of my life living with the people whom I minister to. A true community of faith. I keep calling it the frame around my life. I have no idea what picture will be framed, but I trust God will guide me to that place. As I was walking He gave me such a peace about it. When I return to A&M, I need to put up an empty picture frame in a place I look often to remind me of what God has told me.

The difficulty and necessity of discipleship is certainly something that my eyes have been opened to this summer. As we (Rebecca and I) talked with Li Ju Feng it became obvious that discipleship needs to happen in the native tongue. Rebecca and I struggled through the first hour and a half and then Dong Mei joined us. Thank goodness! Wow, that changed everything. Not only did he understand what he believed, but God was giving him wisdom and understanding. It was really beautiful.

Communication is so important. My dad is so wise, so very wise, and it is so true. Communication is a cornerstone to healthy relationships. Disagreements happen but it is all in how you handle them. It’s where Christian living really shows itself as light, as set apart form the world – with forgiveness and love. Anyway, I’m tired of writing but this is a start to have God has been revealing to me.