July 26

I know, I know… I just e-mailed you, but we’ve now arrived in our new city and I wanted to fill you in. Lots has happened and I’m going to try to keep it condensed. We use an Internet cafe and it is has a great connection so we should be able to show you more of the adventures from the past two weeks. Check around Monday.

*Our new home*

We’re in a small town of ohhh just 1 million people, instead of 7 million, and I must say that I am SOOO glad. We’re living on another college campus, and it already feels like home. The only downside is that many of the students are gone. Still, we have plenty to keep us busy over the next 11 days or so. There is an orphanage that needs many helping hands. Also, we will be doing some English clubs to meet students. Remember Darrell, our tour guide in Beijing? He is basically our life line to the people. He is a student at the school we’re staying and has been introducing us to all his friends just in the first 24 hours. He has led a handful of people to Christ and we will be helping teach these new believers. Not surprisingly, most of them are girls, so I really won’t be doing much of that

*Our new sister*
The night before we left (Wednesday) our teachers took us out to eat along with the Chinese family we made dumplings with. The food was outstanding, and after the meal, we sang more karaoke. If anyone is counting this brings the total to about half a dozen. I just wish they had more classic rock… I can only handle so much Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys, and country music (yes, they have a good selection of country). Still, somewhere in the middle of the noise, our missionary, Tom, started sharing with Zhang, our teacher, with her husband (he’s already a believer). As one of our friends sang Celine Dion’s Titanic song, Zhang prayed for Jesus to come into her heart. It was a wonderful ending to our time on campus.

*Our new requests*
  1. For God to show us what needs to be done here… we have things to do, but there are surely going to be down times
  2. The orphanage… patience for us, but more for the children who live there. Some of the stories are horrific, and most of the children have disabilities…
  3. For our team to shine Christ’s love and teach the new believes how the Body ought to act.
*The Random*

Last night we ate a rice porridge restaurant. They serve other things, but you need to ask for that menu. I ordered the ‘8 Blessing’ porridge. It was seriously everything that I had been missing for breakfast. Imagine, sweetened rice with 8 different berries or nuts… it was so good I went there this morning.

If there is one downside to having a couple teammates who speak the language very well is that I do not ever practice. So now that we’re in a smaller town I think I am going to find out how poor my understand and of the language is. So much more to say, but some may not be appropriate for this e-mail and the rest would just be a bunch of clutter. Until then, I hope all is well with each of you and I really enjoy reading your replies to these e-mails.