Monday July 18, 2005

Well, shopping mania has begun, and I hope it will end tomorrow. Please may it end tomorrow!! Brad, Roman, and I made the San Hao run Saturday and found great software titles that we hope are in English. We also picked up as many DVDs as we could possibly desire (or so we thought) and some music DVDs. Then, Sunday, Jimmy, Brad, and I went to the Wu Ai Market to buy some Chinese chess sets, and I came back with chopsticks, a ton of dishes/plates, and four Chinese chess sets. I say all this because last night we realized the four (five with Brad’s) were damaged to the point that they were no longer good gifts. So I took a couple buses this morning with my arms full of Chinese chess sets not expecting anything in return. When I arrived, to my surprise, there was a girl helping in the store who knew English. MIRACULOUS! With her help, and the generosity of the storekeeper, we decided I only had to pay 25 kwai more to replace the sets. What a sweet lady! The daughter asked for my e-mail address, and hopefully David will share with her tomorrow.

I write this because it was a very tough morning. Things just weren’t right between God and myself. There was a divide my bitterness and anger had created. Part of it was annoyances with David, part with Brad for not coming with me to change the boards out. But God provided abundantly. I was so glad, sooo glad that the Baxter/Bartley’s can enjoy their chess board. On the way home on the 502, the driver hung a cross from his rear view mirror. In America, it would something fashionable, but in China on a bus it was a public confession of faith. I don’t quite understand anger or frustration and it completely alters my mind. Take the chess scenario. I had some serious bitterness, but it was wasted emotion, wasted useless thoughts. Oh, to be free from those bursts of rage/bitterness. Still, God has carried me so far.