July 18

Well, basically everyone is gone at our campus and we’ve said all of our goodbyes. All that is left are a two part exam, a final dinner with our team and missionary family, and another goodbye dinner with our teacher, Chong, and his family.

We leave this Thursday for another city, much smaller (only 1 million instead of around 7 million). We’re only a 3 hour bus ride away so we’ll still be very close. Darrel, our tour guide in Beijing, will be our ‘main man’ in the next city. We think we’re helping teach English classes and do orphanage work. We honestly don’t have the slighest idea, but we do know all 4 guys will share two beds!! It was very difficult the last month and a half being separated from Jimmy and Brad.

*A story from Friday night:*

We decided to have a Mexican food party as a good way to say goodbye to all of our friends and to say hello to Landon’s parents, who arrived the day before (on Thursday). A couple days before the party Michael called me to tell me he really ‘needed to talk to me’. I never understand what exactly the Chinese mean, but I asked him that if he could come early to the party, then we could have plenty of time to talk.

When the day came, he arrived a couple hours before. Hoping that he would initiate the conversation, I waited through all the small talk. The party had begun and I still didn’t understand what he wanted to talk about. After enjoying some chips and queso along with a couple soft tacos, Michael told me he had to go. Before he left came into my room, and we exchanged some gifts. Right he was about to walk out, he said, “I think I will believe in Jesus; it will only take time.” This made all the the waiting and uncertainty worth it, and I was taken by complete surprise how much God had done in his life without me.

  1. For our time in Fuxin – I wish I could be more specific, but we don’t know anything.
  2. That God would continue to shape me into the person he desires me to be.

Thanks so much. I will be home soon.


*** Blindside is playing at The Door, August 6th, anyone wanna go? I’ll be in town ***