Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wow, the past few days have not allowed much personal time. Thankfully, today has been a great Sabbath. Laundry is drying, the room is livable, the pictures are online, and I’m very well rested. Yesterday, we cooked with the Chinese family and made dumplings, Coco-Cola chicken, and Gou Ba Rou. Some notes: Knead the dough gently, in one direction, with your fingertips. With the meat you can be more firm; the vegetables were cabbage, scallion, and possibly something else. Don’t forget to use vegetable oil on the meat and vegetables because it allows the filling to retain moisture. Also, you boil the dumplings in water. Don’t forget to add the soy sauce to the filling!. Ok, I hope all those notes will be enough to remember come mid August when I try this on my own.. Cooking is wonderful.

So let’s summarize the past few days. Friday was spent at the Garden in Northeast Shenyang. Then, we hurried back to dunk Roman, Peter, and the three girls, and then, we celebrated with some karaoke. It was a LONG DAY. Still, not as long as Saturday…

Saturday morning we visited the Chinese family. We began buying all the necessary ingredients. Then, the mothers’ prepared the ingredients while the sons entertained us. Aaron was extremely hospitable and his friend (in the white shirt, I never got his name) was nice. But you could tell that they were both ‘little emperors’ – a term for wealthy Chinese youth who are the result of the one child policy. The fathers were not seen all afternoon, Saturday afternoon, mind you. The children spent 10+ hours at school with homework on top of that.

But back to our day with the families. They had a ton of cash because they had cars and plush apartments. Anyway, they taught us how to make some lovely food; we taught them card games. They wouldn’t let us serve them, but we all sang some karaoke together. Seriously, the Chinese love it! In like 10 days I’ve been 3 times! It’s crazy! Spiritually, I feel extremely stagnant and disobedient. I suppose it has been that way most of the trip. I hope I am not becoming apathetic. Still, God has moved. So undeserved.