July 7

Hey friends…

Things are winding down on campus. The students are finishing their exams this week. Sadly some of them will be leaving this weekend. We can’t imagine that we only have a week left with the students. We stay on the campus until July 21 and thankfully a few of our new friends will stay be staying in town.

The remaining time will be spent in another smaller city where will be working with orphans and on another campus??? I really don’t have the slightest clue because they just changed our plans this week after some things did not work out in another city because they no longer had a need for us. But hey, that’s like on the field.

Rebecca joined us the week and she has been a wonderful addition.The conversations with Michael have not been as fruitful as I liked and it seems the whole idea is comical to him. Still, his roommate Paul is very interested in God and has many questions. So we’ve exchanged e-mail addresses because he goes home Sunday. This Sunday we are having a baptismal service for about 7 of our friends. Very exciting.

So much else to say, but I think that I’ll just end it right here. I have learned so much and maybe one of these I’ll have the time to write it all down.


***Random notes***

Our univesity has the largest library in our country… but it doesn’t have a single book! Yes, the school has been open for 3 years and they don’t have a real library. The former president of our university was thrown in jail for extrorting a rumored $3 million (US currency). Our school I have heard our school is $75 million in debt.