June 13

Hello again from the East.

We have had three girls come to know God and that is very exciting! I will let you know when they get baptized. Moments like this make all the other difficulties worthwhile, with the major difficulty being myself. It’s a leaning on God’s patience and compassion for these people even when I have none.

We took a bunch of our new friends to the Korean church. Most of them really liked it. Even though it was in another language, I really enjoyed the service (mostly because Michael translated the important points for me). All of us first time visitor had to come to the front. The member shook each one of our hands and told us Jesus Christ loves us. There were at least 30 first time visitors and we only brought about 12 of those.

I’ve been playing lots of basketball with the students, and I expected to see a lot of Yao Ming jerseys. Not true. I’ve seen maybe 1 Yao shirt, but almost 10 Dallas Maverick jerseys.Nearly everyone is over the initial sickness that comes from adjusting to a completely new diet. We have had some American food (Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and KFC… you can sing the song if you’d like… we certainly have).

We have met some wonderful people including Jay, Roman, Michael, Alexander, Collin… It is very hard to explain just how special these people are becoming to us. I thank you so much for lifting our team up. Continue to thinking of us. God is certainly at work. Please ask that we would be clean vessels for His service, that we would share with boldness and the Holy Spirit. Thanks.Until later.