June 6

Nimen hao! (Hi all or Howdy ya’ll depend which country you’re from)

We just finished up Chinese class today and we got our textbooks. Very exciting to learn that in Chinese the pronouns are very simple and they only have one verb tense. I also learned the word ma has 4 meanings depending on how you say it. Mother, hemp, horse, or to curse. Speaking of languague, there is quite a barrier between the students and our team. Thankfully, we have Landon, a member of last summer’s team, who came back to teach English. We have met his students, and they all speak English well enough to have a very good conversation. Some highlights… we have taught the Chinese frisbee and American football as well as played some basketball. Michael is one of those students and we have spent a lot of time together over the past few days. He is very curious about Jesus and wanted to know what He forbid. I shared with him that God’s only two ‘laws’ are to love Him and love others. So many other stories to share with you, but I’ll just give you the names because my time is short.

  • Collin, Dragon, and Michael… please pray they would come to know Christ.
  • Our team’s health and unity… both need strength
  • Patience as we deal with the language barrier… it can honestly take minutes to say a single idea and it is very exhausting listening to broken English.

One last thing… God is very present here is so many ways and I cannot wait to share more with you. Until next time,