Friday June 3rd, 2005

Today concludes the first full day at Shenyang Technical Institute. During our day and a half here we have watched an English contest, had a Chinese class, ate 3 meals at the same restaurant, gone back into town to shop for essentials like a basketball and ping pong paddles, and introduced a few Chinese to frisbee. Oh, and we’ve spent a lot of time with Roman and Landon, both great guys. Tomorrow is football with the foreigners and some of Landon’s students. Oh ya, I should mention our living accommodations are super nice, and I feel spoiled. It will be a struggle to make sure this doesn’t turn into a vacation. Because if it does, then our hearts turn inward and our evangelism is powerless. May God continue to guard our hearts and keep us dependent upon His provision.

Random note: Some people have very obvious problems; the rest of us as great actors. We all have problems we live with but most of us spend a lot of time concealing them. End random note.

Backtrack. I realized I forgot to tell an extremely important story that happened the day before we left for the school. I was having a really tough morning for several reasons. My physical health had been rocked by the pollution, my mind wouldn’t stop thinking selfish, self-exalting thoughts, and spiritually it was one of those mornings when you just can’t pray. Dave wanted to go to McDonald’s to satisfy his caffeine addiction, and I reluctantly joined. As we sat down, I tried to think of a very probing/belittling question, the kind I usually ask Nathan, but I couldn’t think of one. Instead, I just had to confess everything that had been bothering me, and Dave did the same. Peace filled the air and life returned. Scott has taught me so much. It is remarkable I truly do miss him, and over time I begin to truly realize how special he is. He would absolutely hate it here. Chinese food everyday!!