Monday, May 30, 2005

From seat 60A aboard Korean Air, life is quiet – (minus the roar of airplane engines and headphones full of Stavesacre). It is 3:30 AM CST and we’ve been traveling since 7:15 PM. I guess this ‘we’ needs an introduction… or do they? EE, Mir, JJ, DP, Rae Rae, C Rae, and myself. A Magnificent Seven, if you will, and how I hope it stays that way… well, plus B-Rad and Bec. This is meant to be a chronicle of the adventures from Asia, but our story needs a preface. May 28th, we first met and oriented for a couple days. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like we’ve be begun especially since we haven’t arrived. We’re all very anxious and excited. Thank goodness Ema has taken this exact trip before. She took control in the airport and has shepherded us at each phase of the trip. It is very reassuring that we have such a strong, likable leader. I could write many pages about the dynamics of our team. Maybe one day, I’ll put it here.

One story is worth retelling.After being treated like royalty at our hosts home, we found ourselves at the mall for 2 hours!! I know, I couldn’t take it, but when we were leaving Jimmy and I raced from Grapevine Mills to the ‘people mover’ van. I guess it is symbolic in a way. This summer I am desperately fleeing American materialist society and the hyper spiritual, American South with it’s church on every street corner. Wow, I’m resuming this entry nearly five hours laster after a few naps, a great dinner, a walk around the plane, and some mind puzzles. Hard to believe that we’re not even half way there, but boy will I be so glad to set foot on Korean soil. The lights are off, and I’m so glad my headlamp is working because I ate a bunch of sugar and couldn’t be less tired.