It seems like six weeks has passed since the last e-mail. Things are going very well here, and it seems odd that we’re hitting the halfway point of the semester this week. To update you, I had the chance to catch an Astros’ game two weeks ago with Sulli. With only three games left in the season, and the Cubs trying to reclaim the Wild Card, I put my deep loyalties to the Cubs aside and had a wonderful time cheering the Astros’ to a 4-2 win over the Rockies. Two weekends ago I came home and spent some good quality time with my family, and I wound up staying longer than expected so I could bowl with Carolyn, Griff, Megan, and Annie (Don Carter’s $1 games are back). Speaking of all things high school, Baylor University look out because the Aggies are coming in town for Halloween weekend. I could tell more stories, but the rest of the e-mail is kinda long so I can only give you a taste.

The more I talk to people, the more I realize something about the nature of humans. We all feel largely inadequate. People internalize it, display their feelings of inadequacy in different ways, and some people have these feelings more often than others, but anyone who has been honest with himself understands he falls short. As reassuring as that isn’t, we can at least know that the function of this world is partly, if not mainly, to show us that each one of us is a complete failure in need of unending mercy, and we need a salvation that comes from outside of our fleshy bodies. Paul stated it best in Romans 7, “Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” Therefore, we must lay our inadequacies at the Cross and receive our Christ-given identity each morning of each day. In Christ, His sufficiency is enough to cover all of our inadequacies and His power is perfected in our weakness. We must constantly remind ourselves of our new relationship to God as His adopted sons and daughters, declared righteous heirs to His kingdom to live forever and forever in eternity. I say this all under the assumption that we all have confessed with our lips that Jesus is Lord. To anyone who has not confessed that Jesus is Lord, the Forgiver of sins, He is waiting. No transgression is too vile to forgive. May we each claim our newness in Christ and cleave ourselves to His side so that we may imitate His every step in the hope that we may be like Him.


Books: anything written by CH Spurgeon and trying to find something online by Buechner

Moment: Seriously, it’s hard to pick on specific moment from the past few weeks as ‘the best’, but this one is by far the most entertaining. I had a nasty day with 3 tests (one was in kinesiology so 2 real tests) and the last test was ENGR 211 from 7-9pm. I finished all 5 problems not sure if I actually got more than 1 right, but I had already forgotten it by the time I got to the Ethan Durelle concert or at least I thought. After the first band, I saw a couple friends from the BSM and then I saw my ENGR 211 prof!! I’m pretty sure that somewhere it says that you aren’t allowed to see your profs in public especially within an hour of taking her test!! Speaking of seeing teachers in public, it’s always nice to see your math teacher at church, but kinda awkward at the same time.

Sports: C’mon! It’s October!! What’s better than the baseball playoffs especially David Ortiz’s two game winning hits at Fenway this weekend!?! Schilling pitching 7 innings and only giving up one run, and then the nailbiter of a finish with 2 on and 2 outs with a full count. Bring on Game 7!! Man, I love baseball in October. Oh ya, the Aggies steamrolled OSU and are now ranked #17 in the AP poll.

Music: Ethan Durelle. They put on one of, if not the best, live shows I have seen. I really thought the lead singer had Tourettes because he couldn’t control his body during the chorus of nearly every song.