I have so much to share with you guys. To start, I must live the most crazy, blessed life in the world and here is just some more proof from two weekends ago (September 9-11). It all started halftime of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie football game when I did what no Aggie should ever do, leave a football game early. To make it worse, I was going to Austin to see Guster… Yes, I was a 2%-er this weekend. Outside the venue, I was greeted by some of my favorite people in the entire world: Ashley, Carolyn, Carrie, and Laura. To my surprise, I saw Logan, yes the foreign exchange student who never went home because he liked America that much. All I can say is that the fellowship of Christians is so sweet, so joyous that I have trouble containing it. So many blessings from that night alone that I need to write them down so I can’t forget how good the Lord is. The morning came and I went to church with one of my campers, Jake, from Kanakuk. So much happened in just that one service that to tell you all the stories would bore nearly everyone because most stories are better lived than told. I must mention this one particular moment toward the end of the service. The priest asked if all the teachers would come to the front and since I am leading a Bible study back at A&M, I thought I fit the description. Then, the students came to the front, and what happened will stick with me for a while. The priest asked the students to pray for the teachers and so Jake and his two brothers put hands on me. Then, I had the chance to pray for the three Bruemmer boys.

Lately, I’ve had the most undeserved privilege of walking in God’s good works, which He created and prepared so that I could simply walk in them. With this precious little faith, God has given me far beyond what I could ever imagine. When good works flow freely from faith, it is a lovely thing indeed. All the more beautiful when God grants us times like this where His goodness and blessings run wild, and I hope that I can say the same thing when they are taken away. Luther was quite right when he said that the “a Christian man is the most free lord of all, and subject to none; a Christian man is the most dutiful servant of all, and subject to every one.” It is in faith that we find freedom. Freedom from sin, freedom from circumstances, freedom from fleshly desires and all evils. From this faith, we feel so joined to the purposes of God that His desires become our own. Our faith nudges us to spontaneously do good because it delights our Father. So we are humbled, considering others better than ourselves because it is the attitude of Jesus. “Here is the truly Christian life, here is faith really working by love, when a man applies himself with joy and love to the works of that freest servitude in which he serves others voluntarily and for naught, himself abundantly satisfied in the fullness and riches of his own faith” (Luther from “Concerning Christian Liberties”). Until our paths cross again,

The weekly favorites:

Books: Well, I’m becoming familiar (but not nearly familiar enough) with my textbooks like Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics & Dynamics and the Material Sciences and Engineering.

Music: Anything that makes studying easier, so basically music without words and Nickel Creek

Moment: Yes, getting to pray with a camper trumps anything that has happened in the past week

Sport: Yes, the Aggies beating #25 Clemson is certainly the best of this week’s sports, and can you believe they actually played solid defense! One wish, that the Cubs would hold on to the Wild Card in the NL.