Greetings from Kanakuk!

Yes, I’m in Branson, Missouri for another week,then back to Dallas for the weekend.  After that, College Station for Impact, and school starts.  Life here at camp is wonderful.  Where else can you watch kids grow in stature, wisdom, favor with God and man in such a short period of time.  I’ve been helping with kayak and lots of other water activities because I apparently know CPR.  My cabin is full of 10 of the most likeable 11 year olds and two other great co counselors.  One of our guys is completely blind and needs extra help getting around camp especially because he had a stroke a few years ago losing part of mobility his right side.  Still, Gert is one of the best campers in camp, and is fearless.  Just a few days ago he jumped off a 25+ foot bluff into Tablerock Lake, and just a few hours ago celebrated his 11th birthday with 11 Kitchiekomo kisses (yes, kanakuk speaks a separate language).  So many other interesting stories and new friends to speak of, but they will have to wait for another day.  Just to give you a short list, here’s some of the stuff we’ve done: K-Life, bluff jump, TRIP, the biggest game of Risk ever, party barn, treehouse, eating meals family and ranger style, Indian River runs, dock jumps, tarzanland, etc… I could go on for a while.

Having a blind camper is one thing, but a blind and slightly crippled camper is even more unusual.  Guiding Gert from place to place has been truly enjoyable for nearly every moment.  He has such a great attitude about his ‘handicap’, and he even makes jokes about his blindness.  During the wrestling tournament, he won a match against another camper, and he continually beats me in left handed thumb wrestling especially when I close my eyes.  All of this is fun, but Gert surprises me most with amazing words of wisdom.  Just the other day we were talking about what he can actually see and this is the essentially what he said.  ‘I can only see light so I try to focus on the light as best I can.  If you could only see light and darkness, then you wouldn’t take your eyes off the light either.’  We’re all blind in a dark world needing light.  Walking with Gert has given me a greater understand of how much we need guidance and direction, how much lost we are without a helping hand, and most importantly how blind we really are to the depths of God’s wholeness particularly grace.


Moment – Bluff jumping from 25 feet in the air with 4 other counselors in our ‘Dos (sorry, this one isn’t going to be explained)

Music – the song doesn’t have a name, but the chorus goes like this “you gotta say no, no, no, no to drugs, if you wanna be in the chick, chick, chicken club”  (there’s a dance that goes with it, but few people are lucky enough to watch the dance)

Book – The Cost of Discipleship Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Sports – Kinda have been cut off from the sports world for a while and I noticed that a couple of HUGE trades/releases have taken place especially with the Mavs, Cubs, BoSoxs, and Cowboys.  Still, my favotive was the Tour de Lance which we got updated on daily… yes, that was a couple weeks ago, I’ve been out of touch with the modern world and it’s been wonderful.