Wow, my summer in Dallas is almost over. In less than seven days, I will be gone for basically the rest of the summer at Kanakuk. The past week I was helping out the youth staff at PCBC with Thee Camp. Most of the experience is indescribably, but there are a few stories that are worth sharing. During the middle of camp, Luke Powell duct taped his younger brother Caleb to his bed. When Caleb told me about it, I felt that on the last night of camp we should correct the problem. Friday came and I must say that Luke looked better than he ever has before with about half a roll of duct tape around his body as Caleb forced chips down his mouth. The other memory began each night at 8:26pm right as the sun was beginning to set. Ryan, Lauren, Chris, and I all climbed on the top of the moving van and gazed into the western sky as the flaming sun crept below the horizon and out of sight. I wonder how many of those nights I would have stopped to enjoy the beautiful conclusion to a day of hard work.

No two human relationships are the same. I don’t feel that I’ve lived long enough to claim that I truly understand anything out of the obvious about relationships, but I have made some observations that might be worth sharing. First, good intentions, as good as they are, are doomed to fail if they are not grounded in God’s good will. Specifically, I’ve seen that no matter how good my intent is to help someone out my intentions are still merely good, not Godly. In my compassion to help, I unknowingly ‘force my image upon a brother’ for the purpose of fixing him. It was never intentional and always sincerely, but imagine the world with a bunch of people who act exactly as Reese thinks they should act. Another observation is that we need to be concerned with listening intently to the needs of others and actively helping meet their needs. If we fail to do this, then we are not in the right position to bear to help our brothers bear their burden as Jesus did for us. The mark of a strong Christian community is not how good they are or even appear, but how much the strong rally around and encourage the weaker members in love. This is ministry. We are being called. Let us obey.

The Favorites:
Music: Guster (by the way, they’re making a Texas run the second week of September… anyone want to go, let me know)
Book: Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Moment: Discovering ‘Dollar Night’ at Blazer Bowl in Garland… yes, $1 per game, $1 for shoes, $1 for hot dogs, $1 for soda, and $1 for popcorn… amazing
Sports: I’m still lamenting that the Mavs did not resign Steve Nash… I mean c’mon, he’s CANADIAN! that has to be worth something.


By the way, some of you asked about sending me mail at camp so below is my address for the next 4 weeks. Please do not send any food or it will be taken away. Thanks.

Reese Hopkins