One and a half weeks and I’m finally done with the first year of college. I still feel like I’ve been at an extended summer camp, but I must say that is will be awfully tough to leave College Station. I know that I’ll get to see a few really close friends, but it’s tough to find that some of them aren’t going to be around much this summer. Some great news came my way this week when Baxter told me that he had been accepted to A&M. So now I have a roommate and we are going to live on campus. Our living situation couldn’t be any better. We’re living in old Core rooms in very small rooms that have community bath and is in need of some maintenance, but those are just the perks of living with 8-10 other amazing men on the same floor who have come together with a unified purpose: seeking out the freshman in our dorm and pouring into their lives. AHHH… I’m so excited. One of the things that I really felt lacking this year I get to be for someone else.