Oh my goodness, it has been AGES since I’ve sent an e-mail out. Yes, the date is right, and this is a recap of what went on the week of Easter (with a few minor changes). It took a little while to finally send, and in the meantime I’ve added a few new e-mail addresses to the list. When I got home my A&M e-mail account did not want to send e-mails. The problem is now solved, and I apologize to all of you who were glad they were finished and never wanted to hear from me again. To the rest of you, I wonder why nobody ever e-mailed me wondering when it was coming back. The point is that it’s back, and will be back to stay. Expect at least another e-mail by week’s end, but I promise nothing. I had to go into a little hibernation because apparently you have to work in college, and I think I’ve finally caught on. As much work as engineering is, I’m somehow enjoying parts of it, namely the people. Well, besides the engineering I’ve been active with Impact. Impact is, in the simplest sense, a Christian Fish Camp, but they really don’t like being called that. I’ll also be working at K-1, a Kanakuk camp (I’m refusing to spell camp, kamp… it’s a little odd). So this is the summer where I’ll be Mr. Camp Counselor, and I’m very excited about it. On a side note, I’ve temporarily decided to stay an engineering major for the next semester. During the last two months, I spent a lot of time wondering if I was wasting my time at a major I would never use. Today, I can say with confidence that God somehow wants me to stay in engineering, and even though I don’t know all the minor details, I trust that He will guide the footsteps. Speaking of school, I spent Easter weekend here in College Station studying for three tests, but I did get to eat Easter lunch with someone else’s family. Family is an awesome thing, and I can’t wait to see my family again this coming weekend for Parents’ Weekend. Sorry for such a long first paragraph (for all the new to the ‘the pieces’ the first paragraph is just a recap of the week and the second is a bunch of rambling about life). I guess there are a lot of things to catch you up on. To summarize: God is good always, and it’s because of His great love for me that I love Him.

Speaking of God’s love for our pathetic little lives, I am sometimes at a loss as to how to respond to something so enormous. It is far too much for my little mind to understand. There were a good many days when I would doubt that such a love ever existed simply because I couldn’t understand it. Now, I intimately know my Creator’s love for me, but I can not seem to respond in the way I would like. I know I ought to take comfort that God is pleased with a pure heart, and He promises blessings to those who are pure in spirit. Still, there is an aching in my heart for more. To learn discipline, to love dangerously, and to live my life wholly trusted into the hands of my loving Father. To be a servant, a nobody, remember for nothing, except that I remained faithful to God His people. God is love and that is most certain, but above that He is Holy. As I walk with God more closely, I find it’s His Holiness that I crave most. It’s when I truly try to mimic Christ’s attitude and blamelessness that I better understand the meaning of His death. To live is Christ. Nothing else will do.


(I want to add to the bottom of the e-mail some extra stuff from the week. If this is the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen, let me know and I’ll end it. Yes, this is a democratic e-mail)

Books: Celebration of Discipline, by Richard Foster
Music: The End is Near by Five Iron Frenzy
Sports: Fightin’ Texas Aggies baseball team beat Rice in the Regionals and play LSU this weekend