Monthly Archives: April 2004


One and a half weeks and I’m finally done with the first year of college. I still feel like I’ve been at an extended summer camp, but I must say that is will be awfully tough to leave College Station. I know that I’ll get to see a few really […]

#22 – well, kinda

Yes! One more week closer until school ends. I don’t think I’ve fully grasped that I’m in college yet, and I still have this feeling that I’ve been at an extended summer camp. Living in the dorms might be partly the reason, and if that is case, then I’ll be […]


Oh my goodness, it has been AGES since I’ve sent an e-mail out. Yes, the date is right, and this is a recap of what went on the week of Easter (with a few minor changes). It took a little while to finally send, and in the meantime I’ve added […]