It’s official. I’m now on countdown to Spring Break. The only things standing in my way are days of school, two tests, a couple of quizzes, and one engineering project. Speaking of trips, I have been meaning to recap the trip I took last weekend, but I have had some just starting it. Anyway, let me quickly fill you in on all the recent events from the past two weeks. I was turned down from Ozark today, but it didn’t matter because Kanakuk offered me a job for the third term. I don’t remember who strongly encouraged me to apply to Kanakuk in the first place, and also don’t remember the circumstances that made me apply (I believe I wasn’t going to apply until someone talked me into to it). From July 18 to August 15, I will be the counselor for two groups of 7-11.5 year old kids for two different two-week periods. When I get back, I have one day to do laundry, repack and head off to A&M for Impact. Our Impact camp (Judah Omega, aka, Peanut Butter and Judah) is bonding very well. We went to an Aggie baseball game the other day, and I must say that I think there an equal amount of tradition at Aggie baseball games as football games (what other sport could it be? Basketball… we haven’t won a Big 12 game yet and we don’t have anymore games against Baylor). In the interest of space, I’m going to stop and pick up when I find inspiration to write the e-mail that was supposed to go out last week.