Well, the tests are over with and things are back to normal. I met my Impact camp on Friday and they’re awesome. After only a few short hours Friday, the unity is so strong. Our first meeting is this Wednesday and I am so excited to get to know the other counselors’ hearts over the next six months. Still waiting on Kanakuk, and I won’t know for another month. If I’m accepted you guys won’t see me almost all summer except for the first three weeks. Here’s my recommendation: come visit College Station the next few months so I can actually see you guys before the summer. So apparently it snowed everywhere north of College Station. Freezing rain is not an adequate substitute. Thankfully, the sun came out today just in time for our first intramural soccer game tomorrow. In other news, I’m going camping Saturday and Sunday. If there are any good pictures, I’ll send them out. Also, I’m glad to say this is the first e-mail I’ve sent out on Sunday in a long while. So please enjoy…

Imagine for a moment the Trinity to be our blood enriching and supplying life to every corner of our body, prayer the blood vessels carrying the blood, the church the bones keeping us upright and giving our body form, Scripture the mind, and strong Christian fellowship the muscles. Without good Christian fellowship we may be nourished but we are still weak. Only through spending time developing those ‘muscles’ do we ever grow stronger. Sorry, looking in the mirror doesn’t work and wishing you had good friends does no good. In close fellowship, our definition is more apparent to the world around us, even if the inner workings of body remain invisible. Furthermore, our friendships form close bonds with the bones of the Church. At some point we are bound to strain or possibly tear a friendship, breaking bones, spilling blood, and rupturing blood vessels. In time, with the right treatment, these bruises heal. The injuries of our past shouldn’t keep us from developing solid friendships in the present. Also work the whole body, not just a certain part you like best. A close relationship with a significant other is wonderful, but if it’s all you have, then you aren’t going to have a well-built frame. What good are Shwarzenegger sized biceps if you have chicken legs? It just doesn’t look right. So breaking away from the metaphor, I want to ask you some questions. Are you surrounding yourself with people who ‘seek first His kingdom’? Are you in a circle of people who lovingly hold you accountable and stay by your side in tough times? Solomon wrote chapters on the subject of friends namely in Proverbs and in sections of Ecclesiastes, and he constantly urges us to keep a wise counsel and to accept the correction of others. Keep in mind that as vital as these friendships are, they are not what keep us alive. Without the blood of God we are nothing but dried up, empty, lifeless drifters without direction or purpose. Lastly, don’t just pray for one another, pray with one another developing brotherhood (and sisterhood). Lord, search my heart, create in me something clean, dandelions, you see flowers in these weeds. (courtesy of Reese Roper, “Dandelions”)

-the other Reese