Ok, well it’s been a few weeks since you’ve heard from me. The third wave of testing rocked me pretty good, and a well-timed writer’s block after Thanksgiving didn’t help matters. I suppose some updates are in order. For one, I still have not worn pants except for two days over Thanksgiving, and if the weather stays in the low 70s then I could go the month of December in shorts. On Saturday, Sports for Kids hosted Sports Fest for 150 4th and 5th graders from local elementary schools. Sports for Kids members, like myself, took the kids around to different stations run by Aggie athletes. So our kids learned how to dribble a soccer ball from the nationally ranked women’s soccer team, Ultimate Frisbee from the Ultimate club, and volleyball from the men’s club team (the women were preparing to BTHO of Wisconsin, which they did later that night 3-0 advancing to play USC in the Quarterfinals). Those five hours were some of the most fun I’ve in college. Saturday night I also threw water balloons with seven other guys from midnight to 2am. Just one more perk of a balcony dorm. Oh so I guess some of you might be wondering when I’m coming home and what I’m doing for Christmas break. Well, this Wednesday or Thursday I’ll be returning home for basically an uninterrupted six-week break from school. During that time I will be going back to work for the YMCA reffing basketball games Wednesday through Saturday as well as taking History at Richland. Well, I think that’s just about everything. Now for something to break up the boredom of exams, work, or whatever…

Dallas, Texas is my heart and even though I’m about three hours away, simply talking about Dallas rekindles warm memories of my hometown. I remember fewer details the longer I’m away, and not before long the vague recollections are far removed from the reality of the home. Unless I am home or am having a conversation with someone from home, my conversations about home turn to stories, to exaggerations, to myths that resemble very little of the truth. The same is true of our home in Heaven. Talking about Heaven is just about the same as talking about Dallas. It doesn’t do much but fictionalize the reality. Similarly, talking with God in prayer who lives in Heaven is much more important than those conversations about God with others (although I must say that conversations about God with non-believers is still very, very important). If I never talked with someone from home, I might soon forget that I even lived in Dallas before College Station. Let us never forget that before we lived on this planet we were already citizens of Heaven, and in a short time we will return to the glorious celebration forever. So keep in mind that as humans we are only visitors – visitors in each phase of life (you’re only a visitor in the current job, school, and home that you live in now) and visitors in this life altogether. Recalling a previous talk from Breakaway, I am reminded that because we are visitors we need to pack light and journey long. Leave all the earthly alone, and cling toward the Heavenly because in the end everything associate with our planet will fade. The battles are won in daily obedience to the reality of Jesus Christ (I’m not sure if I stole this from Oswald Chambers or not, but he influenced that greatly), and the sole object of the devil is to make us forget, to focus on the future, the past, the uncontrollable, or the irrelevant. Please keep fighting and lift up your brothers and sister who have fallen or are poor in spirit.

The next letter will be a few days late because I won’t have access to a computer for the next few days so I can focus on my studies. Sorry about the long gap in between e-mails. Expect it to happen again. I’ll see when, I see you.