#13 – Going Home

Reese’s Pieces
November 30, 2003

Between bowling, running the Turkey Trot, watching the Mavs, enjoying the sounds coming from Wayne’s saxophone at Saturday Night church, cheering during the Highland Park’s win over Ennis, eating 11 lbs of turkey, and rearranging Christmas ornaments at Super Target I saw most of you guys the past few days. To the few of you who I didn’t see, Christmas will be here very soon. Yes, Friday the Fighting Texas Aggie football team was outscored. Next year. Speaking of my beloved school, I think a few of you have assumed that I joined a cult. To that I say that from the outside looking in you can’t understand it, and from the inside looking out you can’t explain it. Over the past two weeks I have failed miserably at calculating the drag and lift forces of a fictitious golf ball that is supposed to even the playing field between men and women. Yes, I know this is very old, but I never finished before 1 project, a test, and a final exam crept up on me last week. Updates and excuses aside, here is the

Driving north along I-45, I pass right along the outskirts of downtown Dallas as I merge into Central where my eyes normally miss the skyscrapers that outline our beautiful skyline. Having been away from home for basically three months straight, I was very anxious to not only be to see friends and family, but to be back in Dallas, Texas. So as I drove around downtown, Reunion Ball and other familiar buildings welcomed me back home. For the first time the awesomeness of these buildings registered in my mind. My eyes inhaled every observable detail in these buildings. I treasure so much of the memories and stories I have of Dallas. Individually, each one of you shaped my life in a particular way, some more significantly, but still all sharpening the dull iron hatchet to a refined combat-tested battleaxe. A small tingling of happiness shot across my body as I greeted you guys. There were some differences from the mental pictures I carry around with me of ya’ll, but mostly everyone was still the same (except for Griff’s hair, I think if we documented the of the growth of his hair chronologically, evolutionists would find proof that the missing link exists). Anyway, after a few weeks of revising this piece (oddly, it’s #13, take it for what you will), I realize that I will see you all very shortly, and I didn’t need to spend so much time telling you how much I love ya’ll because I could do in person. On a side note, there have been a couple of you who told me you forward my e-mails to other people. I’m so glad that you enjoy these e-mails so much that you like to share them, but it would be so much easier to give me the names so I can add them to the list. Also, I know some of you have been added later, and if you want me to resend any of the past e-mails, then I will be more than happy to do so. Oh, the date on the subject line of the e-mail is from the week the e-mail is supposed to be sent out. I’m just a little behind. Remember, time is all we have before us.