Ahhh, the end of another week in College Station. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great report about Dennis. He had a rough weekend and he couldn’t come to AFTERdark. I should have something else to say, but I completely slacked off and never got in touch with him after Monday. I saw Trey Thursday, but I left early from Upstream, and never had a real chance to talk with him some more. This week might have been better spent tied to the train tracks. It was rough, but now I’m completely recovered and ready, no hopeful, about the week to come. It’s with this new hope (and a lot of influence from CS Lewis’ Mere Christianity, particularly the 1st chapter on Faith) that I joyfully (yes, I did mean that) give you another edition of the second paragraph.

Now we each face our own temptations and struggles, but at least one question stares each of us in the face with every morning we wake up. How far will we go to love one another, to truly love, with quality time? Until we give our best effort to love one another, we can’t begin to understand how much we are in desperate need of something outside of us to save us from our darkest moments of hate, envy, jealousy, greed, and pride. In each waking moment, I’ve noticed that I am truly unable to love to the degree my heart desires. Through these times of seeming hopelessness, I can completely embrace the love Jesus gives. I don’t always feel it, and I rarely understand such a love. Still, I should never doubt the love (like I did this week – it was a train wreck) because my attitude changes. Allowing the current of love to sweep me along the life’s river, I begin to understand my purpose in life. Every uniqueness that is special to me, strong or weak, was meant to be used to love others more completely. I don’t deserve another day if I’m going to waste each moment ignoring or neglecting the reason I’m here. In these wasted days, I can better cling to the overabundance of life that I enjoy in the relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So with only a few more days before Thanksgiving, I must remember that I really have today, not eight more days until Tuesday night bowling or ten days until turkey.

I know I’m contradicting myself, but there is a good chance that there will be another chapter in HP-Ennis rivalry at Texas Stadium over the break. Barring a plague within the Fightin’ Texas Aggie band, A&M has a certain halftime victory even if they are outscored the rest of the day. Aggies don’t lose. We are either outscored or time runs out. I’m not sure there will be enough time for us to ever win, but we still won’t lose. I will see you all when I see you with a huge smile that you remember best about me (oh I’m now 5’8 so you may not recognize me, so you’d better be looking for the smile).

***Ok, that part about me growing is a complete lie, and I had better tell everyone right now so I don’t have to answer a bunch of questions. Being tall is overrated.