Ahhh… what a great weekend for movies! I know that is very odd coming from me, Mr. Anti-Movie person. One of the movies was none other than Waking Life. I think I’m going to have to watch it later on this week for the fifth time in a year. After the A&M “game” I did some math and came up with a predication based on similar games for the OU- Baylor game this week. Game 1: A&M 73 – Baylor 10; Game 2: OU 77 – A&M 0; Prediction: OU 150 – Baylor 10. Once last college football opinion: I want to see TCU go to a BCS bowl game for all the small schools in the country that don’t get a chance to compete with big conference schools (Thank you Miami, Virginia Tech, and Florida State for losing). Recently I made a decision to meet at least one new person each day while I’m at A&M. My new goal almost ended tonight until midnight volleyball, and yes I still get very excited about midnight volleyball. And now for something unexpected…

Even after watching Waking Life, I have nothing semi-wise/inspirational to share with you. Instead I want to ask a favor of you this week. I would really appreciate if you could say a quick prayer for a guy named Dennis Herlihy. Dennis does not know the Lord, and he’s had a rough week. I’ve been talking to him, and I’m trying to get him to come to AfterDark (one night devoted to reaching out to anyone who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus. By the Tree will be playing minus the bald, rapper guy, and Joe White, the founder of Kanakuk camps, is giving the message). Dennis isn’t sure he has time to come, but he really wants to go which is very encouraging. AfterDark begins at 9pm so it would cool if you said a prayer anytime from 9-11. I will be giving you an update next week for sure. Also a guy in my Freshman Bible study named Trey has grown up in the church his whole life, but just beginning to understand that Christianity is a relationship not a religion. I’ll get to talk to him more on Thursday so if you don’t mind saying a prayer for him this week as well. A couple of you have asked me to pray for ya’ll this week, and I’d love to pray for more of you. Let me know what’s going on. I love updates! Thanksgiving is just around the corner so I’ll get to catch up with a good number of you guys. Tuesday night bowling anyone? Take care and finish the year strong.

Question for the Cubs:: Where is everyone playing Spring ball? Ryan and I both want to make sure you guys find a team since the Cubs won’t form again until Ryan and I graduate. Keep us informed because we both want to come watch a few games this summer. I have a picture of both teams in my room, and Ryan’s whole room at Tech is covered in Cubs memorabilia. You guys have made such an impact on both of our lives, and we truly thank you all.