A week full of small revelations. For one, I am now very driven to work at Ozark. I can’t imagine how else to spend my summer than by loving on kids for two weeks at a time. Secondly, I have moved much closer to finding a church home. First Baptist in Bryan is a leading candidate but it may take me a month or two to make my final decision. A relief more than a revelation is that A&M will at least have a winning record at Kyle Field with the win over Kansas this weekend. Other things happened that are not worth discussing amongst all of ya’ll. Trust that this turned out to be a great week. Oh, thanks to everyone who responded with feedback to the questions I asked last week. Now returning for the tenth week after very popular demand I give you more words of encouragement.

There are days when I wish I could jump into a phone booth, twirl around, and become Superman. I used to think I was the man for the job because my intentions were so good. Case in point, I met with Nicole (I’m her Aggie Buddy) and from the moment I showed up she was fighting back tears. Nothing would brighten her day, and even worse she didn’t trust me enough to talk. I can’t even begin to explain how helpless I felt knowing that she was hurting and that she would not accept my love. These are the moments when I wish I could turn into Superman and use my superpowers to love her more perfectly. (Griff, you know nice it would be just to leave the page… what a great conversation/night). Alas, I am only able to turn into Captain Underpants (Jack you’re awesome…not you Thurman, but you too). I can’t save the world and the great news is that I was never supposed to. What a relief. Imagine if I was running the world… the police would no longer waste time breaking up house parties but water balloon raids, Wendy’s and Chick-fil-a would be the only fast food options, … Not pretty. But fear not, Jesus saved the world and those who accept His free gift of salvation can thank Him for all eternity. In the meantime we can get down to the real business of truly living because we no longer have to worry about out future. Our souls are in heaven so we really don’t have a reason to be concerned about ourselves. Each one of us knows someone who desperately needs true love. Remember it wasn’t so long ago that each one of us needed someone to love us, now return the favor to someone else. Whatever you do don’t consider yourself a good man because you did a nice thing for someone, but rather be grateful that you had a chance to show someone the love that God has so generously given to you.

It wasn’t so long ago that we were fling cottage cheese at cars on Valentine’s Day, playing poker without shirts on (and the Disciple Now when Russ and the hot tub and the trampoline), playing hide-n-go-seek with cars (Libba Live On!), beating the Rough Riders, the swimming party that was a bit too much like a moment out of the Sandlot (hey the lifeguard who looked better than Wendy Peppercorn), and bowling like mad. Love like a child who doesn’t expect anything in return but who loves simply because she knows nothing else. Give me the report too because I want to hear about lives changed and souls won. I know there a ridiculous amount of inside jokes. I had to really hold back this week because I’m can’t stop thinking about each one of you right now and all the wonderful moments of old. Thanksgiving can’t come fast enough, but until then, trust and obey.