Monthly Archives: November 2003

#13 – Going Home

Reese’s Pieces November 30, 2003 Between bowling, running the Turkey Trot, watching the Mavs, enjoying the sounds coming from Wayne’s saxophone at Saturday Night church, cheering during the Highland Park’s win over Ennis, eating 11 lbs of turkey, and rearranging Christmas ornaments at Super Target I saw most of you […]


Ahhh, the end of another week in College Station. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great report about Dennis. He had a rough weekend and he couldn’t come to AFTERdark. I should have something else to say, but I completely slacked off and never got in touch with him after Monday. […]


Ahhh… what a great weekend for movies! I know that is very odd coming from me, Mr. Anti-Movie person. One of the movies was none other than Waking Life. I think I’m going to have to watch it later on this week for the fifth time in a year. After […]


A week full of small revelations. For one, I am now very driven to work at Ozark. I can’t imagine how else to spend my summer than by loving on kids for two weeks at a time. Secondly, I have moved much closer to finding a church home. First Baptist […]