Well this week seemed to last forever. Traveling 14 hours in a car to watch a 2-hour soccer game can do that to you. I made a road trip to Arkansas with the friends with the idea that we’d be camping out Friday, but we never quite got around to the camping part. Still we had a great time and I didn’t miss anything in College Station especially the football game. Earlier this week I met Nicole, a 4th grader at Southwood Valley Elementary in College Station. I’m her Aggie Buddy, which means that I get to spend every Wednesday afternoon getting to know her. She had to leave early last Wednesday, but I’m looking forward to hanging out with her this week. This week I also interviewed with Camp Ozark. I also plan on interviewing with Kanakuk and Pine Cove for a counseling position for the summer. Some of you were campers at these camps and I’d really appreciate if you’d share your experiences with me. I’m not sure that I will be a counselor this summer, but you’re opinions would be nice to know.

There’s something about the open road that I just love. Whether it’s the beauty of the scenery, the feel of the air going through my hair, or just the simple joy of driving I love road trippin’. It’s fair to say that this last one didn’t really go as planned, but it didn’t make any difference. So what made this journey from College Station, Texas to Ouachita, Arkansas so much fun? The journey itself. Life is that way too. Granted the destination is crucial, but without the journey we would never reach it. Wrong turns, car trouble, and bad drivers on the road keep us from traveling perfectly back home, but with each mistake we become seasoned road warriors. When we do find our way for a moment we can appreciate it so much more after failing so miserably before. Recently I have had a tough time being patient on this journey. So much of me wants to skip right ahead to the good parts that I’ve been dreaming about like marrying a wonderful woman, raising a family, and hopefully working at a job I love. The difficult part for me is to understand that I must submit my life to God in the present moments where nothing important seems to be taking place. In these ‘downtimes’ (when is there really ever a time when we get to slack off… my only chance, my senior year is gone forever) I have the privilege of really finding more of my true self through discipline and submission before these qualities are really needed of me. It boils down to this: Trust and obey because He loved us first. One day at a time, one day at a time…

On a side note, I am seriously considering stopping the second paragraphs in each of these little pieces. There is not enough that happens in a week to share my ‘wisdom’ with you guys. It seems that life is so obviously meant to be lived a certain way and the real trouble isn’t knowing how to live it, but actually living it. I’d consider continuing if I was actually sharing with you good writing or something slightly creative, but I’m not. Unless you guys really like hearing my silly rantings on life each week, then I’ll continue. Otherwise I’ll cut down on your reading time and only tell you about the updates in my life. Just let me know and next week will be the result of your decision.