I don’t understand how the Cowboys have played fewer games and have more wins than the Aggies. I think its fair to say Coach Fran (A&M’s coach) is working towards next year when he decides to keep Reggie in the game after four turnovers in the first half. Please make fun of our football team now because I have a strong feelings that we will be very good my junior and senior year. Aside from the football game, this weekend was so much fun. I saw Five Iron Frenzy play one of their last shows ever. I also gave my best attempt to play golf this weekend. After my tee shot sliced into the fairway on the 18th, I decided to make up a new game called baseball golf. All you have to do is throw your golf ball down the fairway until your arm hurts and you can no longer play. Speaking of baseball, I should have known neither the Red Soxs nor my Cubs would make the World Series! The only relief from this tragedy will be if Pudge wins the MVP for the Series. All sports related side notes aside I bring to you one more poorly written piece of Reese for this week.

Now almost a full two months into the year, I’ve met a handful of solid, God-loving people. After a few great conversations and watching their lives, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the holes in my life. Godly people can hold you accountable without even saying a word. As a man I will say that women can do it even more so, but that’s the mysterious beauty and power of a Godly woman. (I feel like its Saturday and I’m at Wendy’s when I say stuff like that… oh by the way, there was no Frostie after the show. Griff, some things will always be between us that nobody else can touch). I rode to the concert with a new friend named Travis (Klinger to anyone who understands Pine Cove lingo, I don’t). He brought something to my attention that I hadn’t considered in some time: the desire to live for God is just what God wants. The daily seeking is something He can work with. What separates a “Godly man” and regular old Joe is not how much Joe doesn’t do right but how much the Godly man yearns to follow God. What a great comfort that is! No matter how much we fail, God looks past all our shortcomings and sees our heart. He knows that it takes more than our earthly lives to get this whole living business right. My imagination doesn’t reach far enough to even begin to understand what my new body will be like. Still, I can’t wait for the day when all my pride finally drops like weighted scales from my eyes and I can fully see the love God has for me allowing me to reciprocate His perfect love to others. Eternal Freedom.

One last thought. When Thanksgiving rolls around, there will be a steak night on Friday especially if Highland Parks has a playoff game that afternoon. Guys only, but all guys are welcome, especially the new friends. I can’t wait to hear everything in your lives’ over an overcooked steak with undercooked vegetables. Until then, have a great week.