Monthly Archives: October 2003


Well this week seemed to last forever. Traveling 14 hours in a car to watch a 2-hour soccer game can do that to you. I made a road trip to Arkansas with the friends with the idea that we’d be camping out Friday, but we never quite got around to […]


I don’t understand how the Cowboys have played fewer games and have more wins than the Aggies. I think its fair to say Coach Fran (A&M’s coach) is working towards next year when he decides to keep Reggie in the game after four turnovers in the first half. Please make […]


After a three week losing drought, the Aggies steamrolled Baylor 73-10. I had a wonderful weekend running into old friends from Baylor and friends at A&M I hadn’t seen in a month. When I saw Tyler Dady, we nearly strangled each other. For anyone wondering, he’s having an amazing year, […]