What a week! I’m going to stop thinking about possible topics for this e-mail until Sunday. Each time I think I have something I really want to share, I find that by the end of the week something more substantial reveals itself to me. Today was the first day in Aggieland that I was truly lost (except for a couple Calculus lectures and what’s sad is that I’ve already taken the course). After a week of anticipation, I found out this afternoon I didn’t make it into the Aggie Fish Club, and neither did 334 (not 150 like I said last week) of the applicants who interviewed this week. Upon finding out that I was denied, I seriously didn’t know what to do. This was the first time that I was rejected from something I really wanted. Making it tougher to swallow were all the events that took place before I could even consider applying for AFC. I had already drawn up a grand picture for the semester and was even looking forward to the first retreat this coming weekend with my 55 new friends. It all came to a crashing halt when God said very bluntly that He wanted me to do something else. Not exactly the answer I was looking for, leading me to ask ‘if not AFC then what?’ In all honesty, this was very frustrating because I knew it meant being patient and examining new options as each one comes my way.

After a few great conversations filled with sprinkles of wisdom, I saw things more clearly. I have seen how great this fork in the road will be even though I don’t know where it will take me. All I know is that God will direct me and that if I am faithful to Him then I will find what He has in store for me. I can’t tell you how exciting this is. In time I will be able to look back and say with certainty that God set me on a course for something so grand that I would have never taken the challenge had I known the final destination. All that is required is my complete trust and faith that the ends will justify the means along with a love that keeps persevering in the uncertain times. God has my attention and my heart. With each moment that comes in the passing days and weeks I will be seeking His will in my life.

I hear it now, ‘Reese, that’s so great that you see things like that’. Yes, but that’s not the point. When the ground below you crumbles take it as an opportunity to rebuild your foundation on something that will last. Each one of us is transitioning from some point in life to another, not just us college kids. If life is comfortable right now, be ready, soon enough it will change. Keep your focus on God so that when you fall, you can pick yourself right back up, drawing closer to God with each step. Finally and most importantly, don’t be jealous of others’ successes. Instead, be joyful for each brother and sister’s victory for we are all unified through one God. Not everyone knows it but soon they will. Keep waiting, He’ll be right on time.